Installation Guide

System Requirements
Client Installation
Extract all files in to a directory on the Client machine. Java 1.2 must be installed on the client machine and the path must contain it. At the command prompt type the following This will create all the class files needed on the Client side of our speaker verification application. To run the Client type: <IP address> above is the IP address of the server which must be running for the client to work. Once it connects to the Server, the Client should be fully operational. Refer to the user manual on how to use the Client.

Server Installation
The Server must have Perl Java and HTK 3.0 all installed on it. Extract all the files from to a directory on the Server computer. ENSURE that your path contains Perl, Java and 'htk\bin.win32'. An Anti Speaker model needs to be generated. This means getting 10 people who will not be using the system to record the 17 training sentences. When you have these 170 WAV files, they should all be stored in the directory '/users/anti'. The files should be saved in the form SXX01.wav - SXX17.wav where 'XX' is a number from '01 - 10' depending on which user it is. Open a command prompt in the '/users/anti' directory and run the perl script This will build the anti speaker model against which all other models will be compared when trying to log on.
Next step is to compile all java files by typing This will create all the necessary files on the Server side. Then to run the Server simply type