Functional Specification

Name Paul Connolly Ronan Crowley
Student No. 97307599 97084603
Supervisor Dr. John Mc Kenna


The aim of this project is to implement an application for Speaker Verification. This technology takes a users speech as input and returns a value, this value is subsequently compared to a threshold and identity is either verified or rejected.

The Scope and Purpose of this document
This document details the different aspects to be dealt with in the development of this application. It also provides a schedule used to complete the application.

The purpose of this document is to provide an overall description of the system - Speaker Verification Implemented Security. This document describes the main components. This document does not intend to present a detailed description of the design or actual implemention of any of the components.

Overview of project

Objectives Constraints Functional and Data description.
The human computer interface

Describe the system architecture.

The system will operate along the architectural diagram outlined below.
The system will compose of two parts, a client and a server; both of which will be implemented in Java. All the work is done on the server side, with a very small client, which is responsible for accepting vocal input through a microphone and sending on to the server. On the server side, once a request is recieved, the details of this request are passed on to a Perl script, which called the HTK binaries on the server; they in turn query the stored Speaker Models which return the validation probability on which the system security is based.

Subsystem descriptions.

This project is research intensive, therefore there is a lot of work to do in studying speech, phones and speech labeling techniques. Much of the project will be learning how to work with HTK and specifically how to build up HTK Speaker models.

Schedule for the project
Month Week starting Activity
Jan 8 Research functional spec.
Jan 15 Submit functional spec.
Jan 22
Jan 29 Research project tools (HTK)
Feb 5 Research project tools (HTK)
Feb 12 Research project tools (HTK)
Feb 19 Experiment with project tools
Feb 26 Experiment with project tools
March 5 Study for exams
March 12 Study for exams
March 19 Study for exams
March 26 Study for exams
April 2 Exams
April 9 Exams
April 16 Build speaker Models for number of users
April 23 Build Network Architecture and GUI
April 30 HTK scripting
May 7 Automation of log-on process
May 14 Testing and refinement
May 21 Finish documentation
May 28 Demo the project

Relevant References to this project

"HTK" Main tool used in this project